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This is Olivia Tambascio! You may or may not remember me but I danced at WRSD for 10 years up until about 2014. I just wanted to say thank you for all that you did for me. I haven’t been dancing exclusively but the skills, athleticism, and determination that I learned in your classes has stuck with me throughout my high school career and will remain present for the rest of my life. I have been doing theater at Boston Latin School, utilizing my dance skills in musicals such as the iconic Cabaret and the infamous tap dancing in Spamalot. I’ll be studying Pre Med and Theater at Boston University and definitely would not be there without my foundational skills, so thank you.



Hi, Ms. Emily:
Thank you for an amazing year. Our daughter has really loved seeing you every week and talks about you all the time. The recital was definitely a first for us, I certainly cried way more than I expected. Pure joy and the pride I felt watching my lady on stage was beyond words. It was really impressive to see such talented young people do what they love. Mostly though, it was heartwarming to see how much love you have for your students. It’s always refreshing to see someone else in a profession that they feel so passionately about. It was clear to us, more than ever, that we picked the right studio for our little girl. She may not be the most coordinated of the bunch, but god does she love it! Thank you for making her feel like such a superstar. We’re so grateful for your work this year.

Sending wishes for a relaxing summer!
Jen and Jason Godin


Ms. Emily,
The recital was truly amazing- it made me cry! It brought back so many happy memories of dancing with you. I am so happy that my daughter got to work with you this year. She absolutely loves you!
Erin Hannon-Foley


Dear All,

I hope you all are doing well! I am emailing you to inform you that I have received the Quinn Martin Scholarship at Santa Clara University.

About the award: “Through the generosity of the late Mr. Quinn Martin, television producer, the Quinn Martin Scholarship was established to assist students seriously intent on a career in any of the Theatre Arts — acting, directing, script-writing, design, or production for stage, film, or television.”

I am honored to have been awarded this scholarship for film and theatre, which I believe will pay for about a year of college tuition.

I wanted to email you all to thank you for your unwavering support and help throughout the years. You have been positive mentors in my life. The high level of training I have received from you has been invaluable. I am so grateful for the professionalism and determination you have instilled in me.

I hope I will see you when I return from California on June 16 for two weeks.

All the best,
Susanna Calhoun

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